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Those listed “Lt” in the Overseers Accounts.

SILVESTER MANN: born 1745 WITM, died 31st July 1792 at WITM

JOHN TOWNSEND: born 1729 WITM, died 25th Feb 1806.

SIR FREDERICK ROGERS: former MP for Plymouth (1780-1797) died June 1797

JOHN STOCKMAN; born WITM 16th May 1736, died WITM 25th August 1783.

SIR FRANCIS BULLER; (justice Buller) lived at Prince Hall. Died 1800 (William Crossing One Hundred Years on Dartmoor Page 50)

THOMAS LEAMAN; born in WITM 1736 died Bickington 1793. Confirmed by Pastscapes records that he farmed 4 tenements and his brother John 1 tenement in 1786.

JOHN CLEAVE: born 22 August 1736 in WITM. Died 14th April 1783 at WITM.

ROBERT CLEAVE;born 24th August 1729 in WITM, died 27th February 1798 at WITM.

We have therefore, not unreasonably, concluded that "Lt" means "Late" and that their presence in the accounts is because their estates are still being dealt with and so liabilities and obligations remain the same during this period.

DA July 2019. Sources: ancestry.co.uk    ukcensusonline.com    pastscape.org.uk