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Tithe Map and Apportionments System

There are two folders in this package:

  • Tithe Apportionments which contains the Widecombe Apportionments data and images
  • Tithe Map which contains the digitised copy of the Widecombe Tithe Map

Tithe Apportionments

This contains various files. The best place to start is to open index.html in your browser (this should work by double-clicking on the filename in windows explorer or finder on Mac). This provides an introduction to the TAR system and an explanation of what everything is together with links to the other items included. The most basic of these is the Combined Excel spreadsheet that provides a full list of the entries in the Apportionment Register together with links to the corresponding images where each entry is to be found. This is also available in PDF and Word formats. There are also links to the Data Sheets that were created when the register was originally transcribed. These data sheets have been used as the basis for the spreadsheet data. We used OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to optically scan and read the sheets and then painstakingly went through and checked that the OCR had worked properly! Although the data sheets had been printed from a computer, the original program data had been lost from a volunteers PC (in fact the sheets were only discovered after his death).

Tithe Map

This was digitised for the Devon Record Office and the ArchAngel Image Browser software it uses was provided by the company that did the digitising icam. A proportion of the fee charged for this software is paid to icam.

To run the software, double click on the GO.BAT or AUTORUN.EXE file and follow the on-screen instructions.

The tithe map software has not been tested on Mac. We suggest you only use it on a Windows system.