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The Main Parish Archive - Offline Items

The main Widecombe Parish Archive consists primarily of documents and other artefacts that have been stored in the Parish Chest in Widecombe for many years. These documents etc are now being handed over to the Devon Heritage Centre for safekeeping, once the digitising process is completed.

This page lists, in summary form, those documents, photographs or other artefacts from this archive that are NOT available online, primarily because they are of too recent a date. Some are missing from the archive, although may have surfaced under other reference numbers.

Personal visits to research the available documents will be possible once the Widecombe Archive Centre is open.

Please click here to switch to the list of items from the main archive that ARE available online.

Reference Number Description
A001 Book of Common Prayer
A009 A Canadian Family in the Great War 1914-1918
A010 Part of Apprentices/Indentures
A012 Christmas Card to Rugglestone Friendly Society 1938
A013 Rugglestone Friendly Society - card index
A014 Rugglestone Friendly Society 1835-1992 - various documents
A015 Rugglestone Friendly Society 1835-1992 - account books etc
A016 'Long Cream' Receipt Book No 2 of the Rugglestone Friendly Society - Lists of Members from 1857 - 1982
A017 Cream Account Book 1835-1992 of the Rugglestone Friendly Society
A018 Proposals to Rugglestone Friendly Society
A019 Long Black Account Book Rugglestone Friendly Society List of Members 1908
A020 Removal Record Orders Examinations 1821 - 1853 (MISSING-NOT IN CHEST)
A032 Documents relating to the Widecombe,Leusdon and Buckland Nursing Association 1937-1948
A035 Widecombe Local Schools Managers Minute Book 17.9.1903 - 6.4.1936
A048 List of Field Names compiled by Widecombe Women's Institute 1965
A049 An Archaeological Survey of enclosed land in Widecombe in the Moor Parish 1979
A050 Various Parish Council Papers post 1911
A051 Photograph album of SWEB 'Switching on Ceremony' - 27 September 1962
A054 1st Widecombe Cubs' Own Record Book 1943-1947
A055 Newton Abbot Rural District Council Receipt Book and Notes 1931
A056 Photocopy of tithe map
A058 Folder of a collection of notes and photographs of Dartmoor crosses
A059 Widecombe churchyard catalogue of headstones
A065 Letter with enclosures including map from Sylvia Sayer to the Parish Council 5.11.1947 re Owners of Fowlaford
A066 Large Grey Folder - No. 1 - Reams of Documents (MISSING)
A067 Large Grey Folder - No. 2 - Reams of Documents (MISSING)
A068 Photocopy of the form regarding the Decision of the freehold ownership of the Village Green Widecombe under the Commons Registration Act 1965
A072 Home Guard and Nurses (MISSING)
A073 Letter & 2 invoices relating to acquisition & erection of the village sign Sept. 1948
A075 Audio Tape - South West Electricity Board
A077 Certificate of merit awarded to Widecombe in the Moor by the Centre for Traditional Cheshire Dance
A078 Widecombe,Leusdon and Buckland Nursing Association Record Book 1930 -1937
A079 Widecombe TETRA Mast Public Meeting 30/1/2007
A080 Widecombe Parish Council Minute Book May 8 1953 to March 20 1986
A081 Various documents from Devon Record Office
A082 Widecombe Parish Appraisal Report 1999
A083 LHG Compiled List of Contents Parish Chest 3rd. Nov.1997
A084 Widecombe Parish Council Minute Book 23.4.1986 - 25.4.1996
A085 Leusdon and District Youth Club Minute Book 1962-1974
A086 Widecombe Parish Council Minute Book January 1979 to February 1986
A087 Widecombe in the Moor Millennium Photograph Album
A088 Widecombe Fair Programme 1928
C001 Widecombe Parish Baptism Register (Part) 1913 - Present Day
C004 Leusdon Parish Baptism Register (Part) 1916 - Present Day
C005 Leusdon Parish Baptism Register (Part) 1918 - Present Day

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