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The Widecombe History Group Archive

The Widecombe History Group Archive is the collection of material that belongs to the Widecombe History Group, or has been loaned to the History Group for the purpose of digitising.

This page lists, in summary form, those documents, photographs or other artefacts from this archive that are NOT available online, primarily because they are of too recent a date.

Personal visits to research the available documents will be possible once the Widecombe Archive Centre is open.

Please click here to switch to the list of items from the main archive that ARE available online.

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Reference Number Description
H109 Typed transcript of Rate Book for the Relief of the Poor of the Parish of Widecombe in the Moor July 1890 (see H110 online)
H116 Robert Dymond's book - Things old & new concerning the Parish of Widecombe in the Moor 1876 - pages missing
H254 Rate Book for the Relief of the Poor of the Parish of Widecombe in the Moor 1916
H259 Documents relating to the Lease of Wooder Manor to Mr Wetherall 1918
H269 H.H.Hannaford's Sercombe farming diary & accounts 1875-1952
H272 Not digitised
H273 Photo Albums circa 1970s
H275 Photos 1960s
H277 Not digitised
H278 Photo album Dunstone Court
H279 Photo album Widecombe area and copies of pictures by Katherine Parr
H281 Not digitised
H282 (part) Photographs around Widecombe
H283 Not digitised
H284 Various Hamlyn items
H290 (part) A summary of the History of Spitchwick in the 18th & 19th centuries, also brief earlier history from 1434 (to be transcribed)
H291 Poor & Sanitary Rate Book for Widecombe in the Moor, 26.11.1921
H293 Not digitised
H294 Not digitised
H295 Not digitised
H296 Letter from Barbara McGibbon to Stephen Woods plus photos re Captain McGibbon
H298 Not digitised
H299 Invoices rendered to Northmore & Sons, Kingshead Farm, and receipts between 1945 and 1950
H305 Abstract of title of Albert Brodrick in 1896 and Abstract of Title of Mr William Smerdon, Junior, & others in 1845 to an Estate called Wooder
H317 Various typed documents relating to Widecombe history believed to be by Iris Woods
H322 Documents relating to the Dartmoor Commons Bill 1978
H325 Letters re sale of Dockwell and grass sales at Southcombe 1916-1926
H326 Register of Electors 1929 Polling District Widecombe in the Moor (HB) Northern Portion, Parish of Buckland in the Moor
H327 In paper bag labelled Hannaford Sale: 80 sheets of mainly typed documents & forms referring to a variety of subjects: Devon Rural District Council Widecombe sewage, proposed alterations to Southcombe Villa
H328 Various items in envelope addressed to Miss S C Needham
H329 Photocopy relating to 1803 map of Widecombe - referring to British Library website
H330 Various items relating to history around Widecombe and Dartmoor - source not known
H331 Widecombe W.E.A: Field Systems ,typed report with diagrams maps etc in folder marked Mr & Mrs Woods
H332 Envelope addressed to Mrs I M Woods marked Langworthy Family containing documents relating to the Langworthy Pedigree 1546 onwards, family tree and maps
H333 Envelope addressed to Mrs I M Woods containing photocopy of Indenture of Lease made between James Hamlyn of Widecombe Yeoman, Elias Andrew of Widecombe, Yeoman and Edward Gifford the Younger Yeoman. Also Letter found amongst Sir John Seal's family papers from Christian Michell
H334 Envelope addressed to Mrs I M Woods containing various items mainly about the Hamlyn's and Dunstone
H349 Various Widecombe Charities Bank Accounts 1887-1915
H350 Small account book of Mr Thomas French, Rowden, Widecombe 1912-1922
H352 Miscellaneous items from Iris Woods
H355 Framed drawing by Sylvia Sayer in 1949 of 'The Widecombe Thunderstorm'
H356-H366 Not digitised
H367 2 x photographs of vintage car DL-39 on Widecombe Hill. Driver A.F.J. (Jim) Gibbs
H368 Hand made Christmas card with photo of one of the crosses between Buckfast Abbey & Tavistock Abbey from Herman and Edith French
H369 Rights of Holne Moor by D. M. Scott - type written - undated
H370 Various items in envelope addressed to Miss S Needham 1998
H371 Movement of Animals (Records) Order of 1925 book re Broadaford & Old Walls to Newton Abbot Market, Ashburton Fair & The Forge Holne
H372 A Gradiometer survey over part of Auswell Wood ore processing & smelting complex, Ashburton, Dartmoor National Park, Devon
H373 Millennium Project - copy of index by name & property of photographs placed in time capsule & buried under the village green
H374 Documents relating to the Millennium Beating of the Bounds of the parish of Widecombe
H375 Photocopy of handwritten excerpts from Annuals of our life at Blackslade, including description of walk & distances-original dated 1870
H376 Copy & typed transcription of Extract from the presentments of the Spitchwick Court Leet and Court Baron
H377 Hand written note book in envelope addressed to Brigadier J G Sandie on 'Original Houses on Dartmoor' - author and date unknown
H378 2 black & white photographs used by Colin Pearse in his book: The White faced drift of Dartmoor 'Prapper' Sheep
H379 Printed document on Challacombe Farm together with plan - after 1979
H379 Printed document on Challacombe Farm together with plan - after 1979
H405 1881 census Leusdon vicarage dwelling occupants
H411 Information relating to the Leusdon Memorial Plaques and Roll of Honour
H413 Information relating to the Poundsgate Post Office 20C
H414 Information relating to Sgt John Coaker, biography and WWII service
H415 Leusdon Church Wedding Photographs
H416 Leusdon's Lament and photo of black car
H417 Photographs of John Coaker and others
H418 Further Details of John Coaker and others who died in the Lancaster crash in 1943
H419 Maps relating to the Lancaster crash in 1943 at Staunton in the Vale
H420 Photocopies of Two Maps: Poundsgate and Ashburton
H421 Two Photos of Leusdon Church Memorials
H422 Copies of emails relating to Sgt John Coaker
M003 Laminated copy of map of Devon Parishes with dates of commencement of registers for Parishes formed before 1832
M004 Private
M006 Private
M007 Buckland-in-the-Moor Poor Rate Book 1916
M008 Rate Book for the Relief of the Poor of the Parish of Widecombe 2.5.1921 - 30.9.1921
M009 Note Book from the Mill Ponsworthy 1843-1925
M010 Private
M011 Private
M012 Original Indenture of 1814 (there are others) setting up a Trust for the purpose of paying all expenses incurred by the School Masters/Mistresses, for the education of the poor of the parish of Widecombe
M014 Digital images re Widecombe Uncle Tom Cobley new village sign - 1948
M015 Images holidays at Southcombe, Widecombe in the Moor, also one of the temporary bridge at Buckland - 1937-8
M016 Bray family tree
M021 Rugglestone Inn Cash Book dated 1st April 1929 to 30th September 1933
M022 Rugglestone Inn Cash Book dated October 1933 to March 1937
M023 Rugglestone Inn Cash Book dated April 1937 to March 1941
M024 Rugglestone Inn Cash Book dated October 1954 to September 1960
M025 Rugglestone Friendly Society Club (Medical Insurance) Account Book – April 1911 to 1980
M026 H A Lamb, builder, Work Ledger – 1935 to 1958
M027 H A Lamb, builder, Work Ledger – 1943 to 1958
M045 Abstract of Title of Mr W H Mortimer to The Rugglestone Inn near Widecombe 15.10.1927 reciting the history of the Rugglestone Inn, the land it is on etc since 25th March 1845
M046 H M Registry Application for an Official Search form L C 11 William Henry Mortimer, Brewer – 1927
M047 Conveyance of The Rugglestone Inn & premises, Widecombe in the Moor – W H Mortimer Esq to Mr Henry A Lamb - 9.11.1927, also memorandum transfer 3.8.1992
M048 Abstract of the Title of The Trustees of the Will of W R Nosworthy deceased to A piece or parcel of land situate at Widecombe in the Moor consisting of the Northway, Southway and Rugglestone Moor dated from 26th March 1896 – originals examined and certified 2nd December 1936
M049 Assent of the Rugglestone Inn – H A Lamb deceased to A E L Lamb – 17 October 1969
M051-M056 Not yet digitised

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